Yappy’s Chicken Adda : POST OPENING SUPPORT


Our expert operations team will provide the handholding support of 10 to 15 days minimum training support to the newly opened store Franchisee team. We trained them by standard operating procedures and on –site training in live environment to the store team.


Our marketing team will maintain the brand value among the clients through various client engagement tools and methodologies.

R&D For New Products:

We believe in innovation, so our core team always works in R&D for individual store and will keep the track on each item in our menu. They will help local team to realign the menu to gain maximum traction on our clientage.


We run an exclusive loyalty program for our store clients to make sure that they always cherish their relationship with Yappy’s Chicken Adda.


Our representative from each department will visit the store frequently to perform the quality audit, Stock Audit and to help team for various marketing activities in catchment area.


The most important aspect of In Yappy’s Chicken Adda is trained chefs. This is one aspect of business, which if ignored, can result in a downfall of a restaurant. Yappy’s Chicken Adda has big pool of trained chefs and it runs training and development exercise for its chefs on regular intervals to ensure the quality of the products is retained in all its outlets. This has devised a well, accepted system of training programs for.


A Professional team at Yappy’s Chicken Adda will support the partner store manager to maintain the required stock of both dry and fresh stock at store to maintain the seamless operations.

Our technology partner will also help us in tracking the stock status via billing software/ Hardware and will timely notify both Store Manager and Franchise coordinator about the requirement of store.